A Quality Security Guard Can Make a Major Difference

Security GuardsThe attributes of a good security guard coincide well with what we think of as an upstanding, reliable person in general. These days, those types of people are getting harder and harder to find, but thankfully there are still some folks who care about things like respect, integrity and professionalism.

To be a good security guard involves a number of attributes, including the ability to communicate well with others and persuading people to do something without having to touch (force) them to do so. Also, guards need to be ready to engage in multiple tasks, as the job requires versatility.

Being on time is important. If a guard isn’t on time, all sorts of things could go wrong. A good guard is flexible enough to work in a variety of environments acting as needed. Sometimes the guard stands post, while other times the guard is on patrol, moving about…and the guard can be put in the position of supervisor of an area, dressed in a uniform, looking confident and professional to give people nearby peace-of-mind and a sense of security.

A good security guard needs to be able to notice changes in their environment, keeping an eye on the comings-and-goings of people and items around them. At times, a guard may need to de-escalate a tense situation, give or take orders, and/or act as a visual deterrent to criminals without having to resort to weapons. Writing accurate and professional reports of incidents is an important part of the job.

Security guards are not police. Therefore, there are times when they must call for police to intervene in a situation, and their training should supply them with the knowledge of when that’s appropriate and when it’s not.

Finally, as with all professions, honesty is the best policy. A good security guard is always honest.

C.O.P. Security Inc. believes in hiring, training and promoting the best security guards available. If you’re interested in working for C.O.P. or you’d like to know more about C.O.P.’s services, please call 585-750-5608 today.

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