Crowd Control Techniques

Crowd ControlTake one look at a newspaper and you’ll notice there seems to be almost non-stop shootings in public, from nightclubs to schools and then some. We live in a time where we all must be hyper-vigilant when we’re in public, always taking notice of our surroundings. All it takes is one crazy person with a gun to cause an entire crowd to erupt into dangerous chaos.

Security personnel have become more and more important as time goes on, since there are plenty of places where crowds gather that need protection. What are some crowd control techniques security people can utilize to best protect people?

For starters, wayfinding signage is key. People need to know where they are and where they can go. The more signs pointing to things such as the exits, the better.

Next, security can focus on managing lines whether those lines are in/out of parking lots, to get tickets, to purchase items, to enter a building/venue, or for whatever reason people line up. If there’s a way to keep a crowd in line entertained, that can go a long way in placating them. After all, if they can focus on something that makes them smile, such as a strolling singer or juggler, they’re less likely to complain about a long line and want to get into fights over the wait. Simple things like awnings to shield guests from extreme weather and cooling fans for when it’s extremely hot outside can go a long way in calming people down.

Security should do their best to arrange barriers so they’re effective at keeping people where they should be, and keeping them out of areas where they should not be. Crowd control can also involve mainstays like velvet ropes, retractable belts, and stanchions to keep people in order and moving in an intended direction.

In order to prevent crowd crushes, drunken fights, and riots, crowd control is vital. Things like mounted patrols (on horses), as well as metal detectors and sniffer dogs are some other ways to further ensure the safety of patrons at public events where crowd control is necessary.

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