Examining the Important Role of Professional Security Guards

Security Guard A professional security guard is not a police officer, but their role does involve keeping people and property safe from harm.

Generally, the role of a professional security guard is to protect a property, such as a public building, bank, store, or museum. They’re the eyes and ears of a place, helping to enforce rules as needed and responding to security issues that occur. Security guards work to prevent problems. When problems do occur, they respond in some way to help diffuse the situation. Furthermore, they communicate with the public.

A security guard’s key skills include observation, decision making and physical strength. Their physical presence may be used to deter bad behaviors such as theft or vandalism. In some cases, a security guard may need to physically remove disruptive people from the premises they’re watching over. Crowd control can also be a role a security guard assumes, making sure people are safe from harm when too many people are crowding into a confined space.

Should a major incident occur, such as a fire or a medical emergency, the security guard on duty needs to call for appropriate help and standby the situation, calming people and, if needed, giving them clear orders on what to do and what not to do in order to stay safe.

Indeed, security guards are often put in the position of offering people assurance in times of distress. As an enforcer of rules, they’re the “go-to” person for a building or property. It’s not unusual for people to ask security guards for directions on how to get somewhere and/or to have the guard authorize people to enter a building or certain area.

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