Private Security Services in Fairport, NY

It can be a very tall task to keep facilities, warehouses, businesses and other venues in Fairport, NY safe at all times. One of the keys to ensuring your venue security is to have someone keeping an eye on the property 24/7 since threats can arise at just about any time. C.O.P. Security has the experience it takes to provide companies – both large and small – with the vehicle and foot patrol services needed to maintain a safe environment both day and night.

C.O.P. Security is a family-run company that is dedicated to working with businesses, organizations and individuals planning special events or in need of facilities security in Fairport and throughout Monroe County. Our guards can also perform patrols in branded cars that are designed to deter criminals from targeting businesses and events. These vehicles also give our guards the ability to easily travel around a venue or event perimeter and inspect all areas for signs of potential trouble.

We can provide armed or unarmed guards, vehicle and foot patrols, and event security staff to work with you to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible with our security techniques. Whether you need C.O.P. Security to patrol a large piece of land or a small venue during a special event, we guarantee that we can get the job done for you. We enjoy working with all of our clients and building trusting relationships with them over time, and you’ll quickly see why we’re the name to know in security in Monroe County.

All members of our staff are friendly, reliable and dependable and will do their absolute best to keep you and your property safe. We know that our vehicle and foot patrol services will meet your needs, and we will work with you every step of the way when it comes to securing all parts of your business or event.

If you are looking for a company that can provide vehicle and foot patrol services, guard staff and other security services you need in Monroe County, contact us today by calling 585-750-5608 and discover why so many others in Fairport, NY have trusted us in the past.