Here’s Why You Should Hire a Security Guard From an Outside Company

So you own and/or run a business. And you want to keep it safe and secure from any threats, including theft. What can you do? You can hire a security guard from an outside company. Why do that, as opposed to hiring someone “in-house?”

Superior Training

Security Guards

It’s a good idea to hire a security guard from an outside company for a number of reasons. For example, most security companies offer top-notch training so their guards are prepared for anything! What’s more, these companies have protocols in place should something go amiss.


Security guard companies usually have uniforms for their guards which give them a professional appearance and communicate to the world that they’re serious about their job and came to work– not to just goof off and look at their phones all shift. Moreover, when a company is focused on providing security, and that’s their main focus, a business owner/manager can feel good about them, knowing they’re dedicated to helping them stay safe– they’re not distracted with other things, as safety and security are their highest priorities.  

Usage of Technology

Today, most security guards utilize technology to their– and your–advantage. For instance, they can use cameras and footage to “be in several places at once.” 

Peace of Mind

Hiring a security guard from an outside company will help give business owners, managers, employees and visitors a greater sense of safety as well as peace of mind. And unlike individual hires, utilizing a company means there are multiple guards to choose from, for different shifts too… Imagine only having one “in-house” security guy– what if he or she has a scheduling conflict? Then there’s no security on duty for hours, days, weeks or more? At least with an outside company there’s a pool of guards to choose from! 

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