How a Security Presence Can Help Your Store’s Loss Prevention Efforts

Loss Prevention Security GuardsHave you ever been at a place like Wal-Mart where someone stands at the door and checks people’s receipts as they leave? Usually they look the receipt up and down and then look in bags or in the cart to verify that everything is accounted for– and if something isn’t, they can take action… This is important because a retail store deals with all sorts of people all day long, and who knows whether or not everyone entering and exiting the doors is an honest person. Stealing happens, and businesses and customers alike lose out because of it.

Security Guards and Loss Prevention

It’s a good idea to hire a security guard to help with loss prevention. These can be plain clothes guards or uniformed ones– either way, it’s someone who is an extra set of eyes and ears, looking out for your business, whether it’s retail, manufacturing, transportation, or whatever. Cutting out illegal/criminal activity helps keep people and property safe, affecting the bottom line and the welfare of the business in a positive way.

There are both external and internal threats regarding businesses today. For instance, external threats can involve people from outside a company/business who come into a place and shoplift. Maybe they’re a petty thief or maybe they’re an experienced shoplifter– either way, they intend to steal, and that needs to be stopped by someone who’s watching the door– someone like a security guard. Meanwhile, internal threats come from within– this is when an employee steals from their workplace. Imagine that you’ve got a cashier who is hiding a couple bucks for themselves every shift or lining their pockets with items they stole from work. Over time, the monetary value of things they stole could really add up. Security guards are trained to look for suspicious activities. They can monitor employee behavior.

Improve Your Bottom Line With Security Guards

Loss prevention allows a company/business to see a report showing how much money was saved thanks to thefts that were thwarted and/or stolen items recovered before they left the property. Therefore, it’s measurable, and, ultimately, cost-effective to have a loss prevention program in place.

Whether they’re guarding stores, warehouses, or office buildings, security guards can truly help with loss prevention. In the Rochester, New York, area, call C.O.P. Security at 585-750-5608 for more information about hiring security guards for loss prevention purposes at your company or business in Western New York.

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