How Security Guards Can Make Sure Boredom Doesn’t Affect Job Performance

Security Guards Having a set routine is good for many people, but it can get, well, boring after a while. This can happen to workers in a wide range of industries, including professional security guards, who may end up seeing the same things (or people) in the same spots day in and day out. Interestingly, security guards have to be “ever-ready” should something out of the ordinary occur, which can be stressful, but they may have to deal with monotonous work, too at certain jobs. Security guards often do repetitious tasks. They may work overnight when there’s “not much happening” around them, but it’s their job to protect the premises. It can be easy to get a bit bored.

Ways to Prevent On-the-Job Boredom

If security guards want to avoid boredom on the job they need to mix it up a bit, giving themselves some mental and physical variety.

Simple exercises can help the body stay more alert. Maybe try a couple jumping jacks once an hour or at least stretch your arms and legs. Anytime you can move your body, do so, as it’s good for your circulation and can help avoid a stiff neck and joints.

If you’re always guarding one spot, for hours on end, ask to switch with another guard so you’ll be somewhere else, seeing something different– that definitely helps relieve boredom. Also, anytime you can do walking patrol versus sitting at a desk, take it!

Security guards also do well when they commit to eating more healthy foods both on and off the job. Rather than getting a sugar high from soda pop and doughnuts (which is followed by a crash), a switch to celery, peanut butter and green tea with natural caffeine can make a guard feel and look better all-around.

Mentally, to combat boredom, guards can make up their own observational games, counting things around them, taking note of what people are wearing (for instance, how many people are wearing blue jeans within view during a 10 minute period), and using pen and paper to write down frequent notes about what’s being observed. These activities help engage the mind.

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