How Security Guards Could Benefit Bar Owners

Bar OwnersBar owners have many responsibilities. Because bars provide alcohol to patrons, who sometimes have “a little too much” and get not only tipsy but also angry, bar owners can benefit greatly from hiring security guards.

Think about it this way: bars are prone to brawling. Men (and sometimes ladies) get into fights at bars. Does the bartender have to break them up? Do the waitresses? Ideally, a security guard or two should be the person to notice those who might fight and diffuse the situation before it escalates into a full-blown fight. Furthermore, security guards can ask angry drunks to leave the premises or “take it outside” so the rest of the bar patrons stay safe from harm. The main function of a security guard at a bar is to be an extra set of eyes and ears for management, taking notice of people who are prone to violence or going to otherwise cause problems for the rest of the people there.

Other practical ways security guards can help bar owners include crowd control and checking IDs to make sure people who aren’t of legal drinking age are not drinking alcohol while on the premises.

Did you know the hospitality industry minimum standard for guards to guests is 1:50 or 1:75? That means bars should ideally have one guard for every 50 to 75 guests.

C.O.P. Security Inc. can supply your bar with security guards in the Rochester, NY area. Adding security helps stop theft, conflicts, and vandalism. The presence of security guards at bars help make guests feel welcome and at ease.

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