How Security Guards Keep Crowds Under Control

Security guards handle many tasks during their shifts. One of their typical functions involves keeping crowds under control. Event planners and site managers often rely on security guards to help maintain a sense of order and decency at events where crowds gather.

To help establish order at an event, security guards are usually stationed at a check-in point. This is a place where they can watch and interact with all the people coming and going from a party, event, or place. They may check people’s ID cards to make sure they are who they say they are and should be there. Further, they can check attendees for any potentially dangerous items on their person. By having security guards at an entrance/exit, attendees understand that their safety is being regarded since there is an authoritative presence at the event. Security guards should be highly visible at events, making their presence known for the good of the crowd.

Meanwhile, security guards are trained to deal with troublemakers. If someone is causing a scene, acting badly, a security guard may talk to them to calm them down. Guards want to de-escalate conflicts. If necessary, they may try to physically remove the person/persons from the grounds to help keep the peace. If and when a fight breaks out that’s more than a guard can handle, they can call police to intervene.

Finally, security guards help handle the flow of traffic at events. They can encourage people to spread out if and when they’re too close together for comfort and safety. They can direct people to “move along,” pointing them in the direction of various things, such as bathrooms. Ropes and other barriers can be utilized to organize crowds in such a way that there’s order rather than chaos.

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