How the Job Description of a Security Guard Has Evolved Over the Years

Security Guard in Uniform Using a Walk Talkie

We see security guards around town and take them as a “given.” They’re normal and not at all unusual in today’s modern society. But it wasn’t always like it is today. For hundreds of years, there weren’t law enforcement agencies or security guards. There were, however, “watchmen,” who kept watch over people, groups or places. Their job was to literally just observe things.

Well, the job of watchman evolved into the job of security guard. Today’s guards are highly visible– they want everyone to know they’re present and keeping an eye on things. They are authority figures who protect people, groups and places. Security guards want to keep everyone in line as well as prevent crime. 

The presence of guards helps keep people from doing illegal or inappropriate things. A guard is pretty much always on duty, unlike other jobs where workers take smoke breaks or grab a coffee. A guard’s job is to be alert and aware of whatever’s nearby. They need to keep their eyes and ears open… they even have to notice smells! 

Security guards help maintain order. It takes social skills to keep people calm. It also requires quick reaction times. Guards typically have a lot of training on how to deal with all sorts of issues and problems. Their job often involves making sure people follow rules and policies. 

What are some duties modern security guards do? They may search for concealed weapons, inspect bags/equipment, verify appointments/visitors, and/or prevent access to certain areas. If there’s an emergency situation, they can call for help. And, sometimes, they’re around to offer directions to those who ask simple but important questions like “Where’s the bathroom?” or “Where’s the exit?” And in the crazy past year we’ve experienced, they’re used to take temperatures and make sure masks are wearing before employees, patrons or students enter buildings.

Guards observe and report. They help protect people and places and keep them safe. In some cases, they even help save lives!

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