Reasons Hospitals Should Have a Security Presence

You’ve probably heard stories where someone put on a lab coat and snuck into a hospital, pretending they were a doctor, going where they didn’t belong… in our world of violence and deception, it’s important for hospitals to have security guards. After all, some of the most vulnerable people are lying in beds in hospitals and should have the comfort of knowing there are people on patrol of the hospital hallways making sure things are safe. Friends and family members visiting those in hospitals also like to know there’s security “just in case” they need them for any reason– even simple things like asking directions within the hallways of maze-like hospitals.

Security Patients’ lives are more important than things. Sure, money, purses, and artwork matter, but not as much as people’s lives. Many people staying in hospitals feel like they’re at the mercy of whomever is around them, from orderlies to nurses and then some. Having security guards gives hospital patients and their visitors a peace of mind that’s critically important during their trying time.

Besides security cameras monitoring hospitals, it’s good to have real, live, breathing, thinking security guards on duty at all times to assist as needed. A hospital security guard watches over entrances and exits. He or she may deal with any alarms that go off. If someone gets disruptive and emotional, a security guard is there to calm him or her down and restore peace.

From finding missing patients to breaking up little fights, a hospital security guard’s shift is never boring– and full of variety. They’re an integral part of the hospital staff, keeping calm under pressure, ready for challenges, and team players who help make sure the hospital functions at its best.

Does your hospital or medical complex need security guards to help create a stronger feeling of safety? Call C.O.P. Security at 585-750-5608 or email for information today.

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