Should Schools Have More Security Guards?

Security Guards in Schools Back in 2012, Adam Lanza killed 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Most of those people were young schoolchildren. Sadly, this was not/is not an isolated incident. Unfortunately, school shootings have become almost commonplace in America. More and more, one turns on the news only to hear about yet another school shooting where innocent lives have been taken by a rogue gunman. It’s a scary time to have kids in school.

Since our modern day society seems more violent than ever before, it only makes sense that schools should have more security guards.

The Benefits of Security Guards in Schools

Having security guards stationed in and around schools has many benefits. For starters, guards ultimately help to reduce incidences of violence. Especially if they’re armed, guards can deal with armed individuals who might threaten the safety of schoolchildren.

The presence of guards on school property helps reduce bullying and fighting. Short of having dads in schools to tell kids to “cut it out,” it’s imperative that some authority figures are there to “keep the peace” during the day. Guards can spot bad stuff happening and squash it before it gets out of hand. Their job is to lookout for the safety and well-being of everyone in school, from students to teachers and then some.

Guards at schools are able to increase the overall observation of students, such that they can inform parents of anything unusual or suspicious. Meanwhile, they’re right there, at school, if and when there are accidents, falls, or other safety incidents that need immediate attention.

It’s also a good thing to have more guards in schools because they provide guidance for both parents and strangers, while boosting security there, too. Rather than leaving teachers to deal with problems, guards help handle kids (and others) who need special attention and may or may not need to be arrested for their nefarious actions.

Finally, schools have a lot of entrances and exits and involve hundreds or more people coming and going daily while school is in session. Therefore, it’s important to have increased security checks on schoolchildren as well as “strangers” on the premises.

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