Should Warehouses Have a Security Presence?

security guard protects warehouse entrance

If you were a smart criminal, would you rob one house to get one high-end TV or would you go where the TVs were plentiful, like a warehouse full of them? Obviously, warehouses should have a security presence.

Criminals know that warehouses are full of items they could steal and make money on. Any unsecured warehouse could be a target of thieves. Inventory, and the people who work there, are technically always at risk! It doesn’t matter if the warehouse is in a big city like Buffalo or Rochester, or if it’s on a rural backroad– thieves are on the hunt everywhere these days.

It’s a smart idea to hire C.O.P. Security to guard your Western/Central New York warehouse. A guard or a team of guards can be on the premises to provide a watchful eye over your inventory and employees. Want to help give your employees better peace-of-mind about where they work? Hire a guard or two. This shows you’re doing something to help ensure their safety and make their workspace more comfortable. Guards can also welcome visitors to the warehouse and let them know they’re politely being watched.

Security guards at warehouses can detect and deter criminal activity, whether it’s “in-house” from employees, or from outsiders, who often break-in at night when a skeletal staff is on-duty. Guards can also monitor the comings and goings from warehouse entry/exit points, as well as watch surveillance camera feeds to notice if there’s any suspicious activity going on. By hiring a company like C.O.P. Security, your Western/Central New York warehouse would be taking preventative measures against losses due to theft.

Finally, it’s a good idea to have security guards on-hand because they’re trained in emergency response procedures should the need arise for that.

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Written by barton_secure

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