The Benefits of Having a Security Presence at School Events

Security at School EventsIt’s a sad reality that times have changed. In the old days, it was almost unthinkable that students would have to worry about safety at school or school-related events. These days, school violence almost seems to have become the norm. Turn on the news any day and you’re likely to hear about some crazed person bringing a weapon on school grounds and causing mayhem.

Now, more than ever, is the time to have a security presence at school events. Why? Well, for starters, security guards have a physical presence that people notice. They’re on the lookout for trouble, and when people know they’re being watched for that sort of thing, they tend to avoid carrying out their heinous plans. If there’s no authority figure around, anything can happen and who is going to care? But if a security guard is on duty, it sends a signal to all those in attendance at a school event that their behavior is being monitored by someone “in charge.”

Security guards often diffuse situations before they turn violent. For instance, a security guard can notice and break up a squabble between kids before they begin to throw punches and fight. If a child is being bullied, the guard can step into the situation and ask the bully to stop.

Parents will feel more comfortable knowing their children’s activities are being observed by a responsible adult. Indeed, a security guard can relay information to parents about what they’ve observed, reporting any aggressive or depressed children to their parents. It never hurts to have additional adult eyes keeping tabs on what children are up to at school events.

Besides giving a security boost to school events, guards can be in key places at key times to offer assistance as needed. Say, for instance, a child falls down and injures themselves. A guard might be the first person to notice and help that child. Guards can also direct people to where they need to go, while noticing any suspicious people who don’t seem like they should be on the premises for particular events.

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