The Role of a Security Supervisor

Security Supervisor Security is employed to offer protection against theft, vandalism and, in some cases, people involved in violence or other dangerous behaviors. Security is often called to “keep the peace” at a place, whether it’s an office building, retail shop, or public event. When there are several security guards involved in working somewhere, they require a security supervisor– their boss.

Security supervisors may serve different functions, from purely administrative to actually walking the beat on patrol duty. They’re the person others report to with their questions and concerns. They’re the ultimate decision makers, too.

Generally, a security supervisor works their way up in the ranks, starting out as a security guard, police officer or military officer. They utilize their skills, experience and expertise over the years to rise up to the place of being in charge of a team of guards.

Because supervisors need to know more than guards, they may be called upon to learn everything they can about more advanced things like electronic monitoring systems. They may need more training and more certificates than the average guard, showing that they’ve studied and put into practice several aspects of the job. Besides having a valid driver’s license and no criminal record, security supervisors often hold bachelor degrees in certain subjects, such as electrical engineering or computer science.

Supervisors are often overseers. For instance, if guards have to transport accused people somewhere, the supervisor is in charge of that situation. Alternatively, if the guards work at a certain building, the supervisor may be in charge of making sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to safety plans. He or she may lead safety drills, for example.

A supervisor needs to be a good communicator, able to speak well, write well, and, of course, listen. As a manager, he or she uses critical thinking skills to observe what’s going on and then make the best response.

Security, in general, is a growing field. More and more security guards and supervisors are needed in the coming years. All you have to do is check your Facebook feed, online newspapers, or TV to see that the world is increasingly less safe and people feel the need for protection now more than ever.

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