Private Security Services in Victor NY

C.O.P. Security has built its sterling reputation by providing well-qualified security guards of the highest character.

Our guards specialize in creating a safe environment for our clients, and we have guards available to suit a wide variety of needs. For example, if you need a security guard to man the checkpoint at your business to meet visitors and make sure that no illicit items are brought on campus, we have the guards to do just that. As well, if you need a whole security team to safeguard a special event, we can do that and just about everything in between those two examples.

We provide unarmed guards, armed guards, and guards in branded patrol cars to businesses of many varieties, including high traffic areas such as banks, warehouses and large commercial properties. Additionally, we provide security services at special community events, concerts, sporting events and countless other endeavors.

To learn more about the security services we provide, contact us today.