What Can We Learn From Recent School Shootings?

Male security guard talking into radio outside of a school It’s a difficult question, but one that should be asked: What can we learn from school shootings?

Sadly, school shootings have seemingly become an annual event here in the United States. Scarily, those are just the tragedies that do happen; who knows how many close calls we have that we don’t count but were prevented thanks to the brave work of teachers, counselors, security personnel, resource officers and even fellow students.

It’s become a huge, hot button issue in the United States as we figure out how to solve the crisis. As such, in order to better our future, it’s important we learn from the past. With that in mind, what are some things that we as a society can learn from previous school shootings?

Domino Effect

For starters, people always watch what other people do. When one school shooting happens somewhere you can almost expect another to happen elsewhere because someone somewhere heard about it on the news and were, sadly, encouraged to do such a heinous thing as well. Though most people are good, God-fearing people who have no interest in shooting up a school, there are bad, evil people out there who have lost their empathy for humanity and have an ax to grind. They take out their anger and frustration by using a gun to shoot innocent kids. Is this horrible? Definitely. Is it quite the sad reality of the world we live in today? Yes.

Hope For the Best, Prepare for the Worse

Most educators think– and hope– that shootings won’t happen at their school. And they’re probably right, because statistically, school shootings are not a common, everyday occurrence around the country. That said, educators need to be watchful and prepared “just in case.” Every school, no matter how big or small, needs to think about school safety procedures. Sadly, every school in the U.S.A. needs to plan for a potential school shooting situation “just in case.”

Prepare the Educators and Facilities

drug and gun free school zone sign at a school yard. From door locks to video surveillance systems, most schools have taken measures to help deal with school shootings. But what about an actual shooting taking place? Will door locks and videos fix the problem? Probably not.

Hire a Security Presence

Besides educating educators about protecting themselves and their students if/when a shooter enters the building, it’s also a good idea to hire security guards to patrol the premises and be there– at the school– should a shooter make their presence known.

Would you rather find out your kids were shot and killed at school or that a shooter came there but was apprehended by a trained security guard, protecting the innocent from harm? Not only are security guards trained for the moment, but they also use their experience and knowledge to prevent terrible situations from escalating.

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