What Does an Access Control Security Guard Do?

Access Control Security Guards

What does an access control security guard do? He or she essentially controls access and egress to a facility or area. That way, only authorized personnel, vehicles and materials are allowed to enter, move within, and/or leave the facility/area. 

Specifically, access control guards utilize a four-step process: detect, deter, observe and report. It’s a tried-and-true method.


Detection involves looking for and noticing any potential criminal activity, ideally before there’s a problem and/or crime committed. Guards will watch who/what is coming around their area and figure out whether they’re friend or foe. Guards always look for suspicious people or activity. They’re also trained to notice if/when emergency situations are taking place. 


What do guards deter? They typically deter crime with their very presence. After all, criminals don’t like to be around security guards. Criminals look for unguarded places to do their crimes. Uniformed guards can deter criminals just by wearing their uniforms, making their physical presence known. Of course they can also use their voices to talk with suspicious people, too. 


Observation is a key duty of an access control security guard. He or she observes people and property. Furthermore, the guard should be on the lookout for any out-of-the-ordinary incidents and/or emergencies. Typically, a guard will patrol the premises, checking to make sure things are in order. He or she might also be responsible for checking people in/out of an area, often looking inside visitors’ bags for weapons, too.


Finally, there’s the report aspect of a guard’s job. If there’s a potential criminal act about to take place, one has occurred, and/or there’s an emergency situation, then a guard needs to report what’s going on to higher authorities such as police and/or their clients. Guards are often called upon to write up a report of what they observed, providing specific details about the incident.

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