When Should Schools Consider Hiring Security Guards

Schools are public places where many people gather each day. From administrators to teachers and students to parents, a school is one of a community’s major gathering spots, and therefore, sadly, a target for those who want to upset the community with violent behavior.

Schools house the most vulnerable of our population: kids. If a madman wants to tragically take out their frustration and anger with whomever, shooting up an elementary school, for example, is a way for them to unleash their evil while also gaining notoriety and fame. Sadly, we’ve almost become numb when hearing about such unspeakable tragedies.

So, should schools hire security guards? In the society we live in today? Yes. The more watchful adults patrolling school grounds there are, the safer a school can be. Security guards are always on the lookout for suspicious activity. They’re on the premises with a watchful eye, ready to confront anyone who seems out of place and up to no good. They watch for illegal drug activity, kidnapping situations, as well as guns or knives.

Schools should not be defenseless against perpetrators of crime and violence. Having security guards on school property sends a signal to the community that the school is serious about keeping both people and property safe. Security guards bring people much needed “peace of mind” in a world where we’re constantly barraged with bad news.

Besides guarding against outside threats, security guards are also vital to schools today because they’re “there” to witness, and perhaps stop, any harassment or fights between students and/or between students and staffers. It’s important to have security guards on duty during school hours because they’re trained to diffuse problem situations.

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