Why Security Guards Are a Smart Investment for Busy Restaurants

Have you ever avoided a certain restaurant because it just didn’t look safe from the outside? That happens often. People are very picky with where they’ll go and where they won’t go, and a lot of it stems from the need to feel safe and secure. Restaurants are smart to employ security guards because they help put customers at ease.

Even though restaurants aren’t the kind of place one thinks of when imagining criminal activities, crimes can and do occur there. That’s why having security guards on the premises can be helpful, since they deter criminals who’d rather go elsewhere. Think about it this way: if you were going to rob a restaurant, and  order the cashier to “gimme all your money,” would you scope out the vulnerable place(s) where no guards are on duty to deter you? Yes, you would.

Security guards at restaurants make sense because they’re there to “step in” should there be any arguments or fights among patrons or staffers. Guards are trained to diffuse these awkward and potentially dangerous situations. It’s much better for a guard to “step in” than to have no one willing to do that, because then chaos can ensue. The last thing a restaurant wants is to be known for having a riot or a shooting take place on premises.

Reputation is everything in the restaurant business. Think of how people talk… and post online with their reviews. Whether it’s word-of-mouth or comments on a website like Yelp.com, one thing’s for sure: a restaurant’s reputation is everything. If you were a restaurant owner who wanted to stay in business and be profitable, you’d obviously want to build and maintain a great reputation in the community. Besides offering tasty food and superior service, safety plays an important role in a restaurant’s overall reputation.

The physical presence of security guards at a public place– restaurants included– tells patrons that someone is watching over them and is there if any problems arise. This “peace of mind” is important to people, psychologically. Obviously, people want to feel comfortable, worry-free and relaxed while dining in an eating establishment. They also want to be able to walk outside to their car and not feel threatened by unsavory characters or homeless guys asking for money. Therefore, security guards go a long way in putting customers’ minds at ease at restaurants.


Written by barton_secure

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