Why Shopping Centers Should Beef Up Their Security During the Holiday Season

Shopping centers should  beef up their security during the holiday season because it’s prime time for lots of shoppers with money in their pockets to make their way there. Consequently, with increased foot traffic comes increased opportunity for something to go awry. Plus, opportunistic shoplifters love the extra traffic because it takes attention off them.

Holiday ShoppingAs such, the more security guards on duty during the holiday shopping season at malls, big box stores and shopping centers, the better, as it’s important to have as many trained eyes watching over shoppers as possible. Now, more than ever, shoppers want and need to feel safe.

If you’ve paid attention to the news lately, there have been too many problems at shopping centers, including six people shot during Black Friday sales, including a Walmart customer who died in a fight over a parking space.

These Black Friday shopping center shootings occurred at malls in Tennessee, a Macy’s in New Jersey, and the aforementioned Walmart, located in Nevada. Here’s the thing: violence knows no bounds, so what was once thought to be a big city problem in highly populated areas can and does happen literally anywhere, at any time, for any reason.

The best way to help shopping crowds feel safe is to provide uniformed, professional security guards who are walking or standing near them. This means having more guards than normal, in more places than normal. Should malls, for instance, have security guards at or near their entrances/exits this holiday shopping season? Yes. They should also be walking around the mall, too. The more visible, the better. Thieves and bad people will go where they’re not being watched to do things they shouldn’t be doing– therefore, don’t even give them the opportunity!

Hire guards from C.O.P. Security to watch over your shopping center (and shoppers) this holiday season; call 585-750-5608 today.

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