Branded Vehicle Patrol

Branded vehicle patrol cars are a fast, efficient way to protect large areas, control access and deter crime. The presence of security vehicles gives customers and employees a sense of safety, while also showing prospective vandals or other offenders that your facility is well-guarded. Regular vehicle patrols significantly reduce the likelihood of crime at your location.

Vehicle patrols from C.O.P. Security Inc. provide watchful eyes over your business at any hour, and supply fast, effective support in case of emergency situations. The security vehicles are clearly marked so customers and employees know where to seek immediate help if needed, and possible offenders know that the premises are off-limits.

Proactive defenses are the best way to keep your employees, customers and assets safe, while promoting a civil, orderly working environment. Contact C.O.P. Security Inc. today to learn more about branded vehicle patrols and schedule your security force.