Foot Patrol Security

C.O.P. Security is a family owned company that provides the customer support of a small business, but the comprehensive services one would expect from a large security company. Among the services we provide are foot patrol security guards.

C.O.P. Security supplies foot patrol guards to secure the premises and keep your events, facilities, warehouses and more safe and well controlled. Keeping your assets, employees, clients and customers safe on the job or after hours becomes easier with your own security task force at hand.

You can enjoy the benefits of an active security force without laying additional strain on your work force. C.O.P. Security Inc. specializes in security administration and gives you an effective team that meets the needs of your event, service type and location. You can focus on your business and rest assured knowing that your assets are safe from outside threats and contingencies. Each foot patrol security officer is trained to create a secure perimeter, detect possible threats, and make each worker and customer feel at ease.

Learn more about C.O.P. Security Inc’s foot patrol services and other guards online, or call for more information.