Security Services

Delivering Uncommon Performance

C.O.P. Security has earned an excellent reputation over the past decade because of the integrity, dependability and professionalism of its staff.

C.O.P. Security embraces its significant commitment to customer service with client communication, providing timely client solutions and unmatched flexibility to fulfill client needs.

Providing experience and expertise to each client and each opportunity. Rich in ideas and actionable next steps, C.O.P. Security delivers dependability and confidence.

Giving you the leverage you need to create a safe and secure business environment for employees, clients and vendors alike.

Our Commitment To You

C.O.P. Security, Inc. will be committed to providing the highest quality security guards. It is because of our professional background that we understand that there can be a significant difference between the abilities of security guards. Because we are a regional company with low overhead costs, we can afford to pay a higher hourly rate and employ higher quality guards.

We understand the need for security guards to be proactive in their duties, thereby saving time, money and most importantly in preventing disruption of services. Although the guards will not be employees of your company, they will in many cases be the first representatives of the company that the public will come in contact with when they arrive at the property. We aggressively search out better employees and use higher pay rates to attract the higher quality employees.

Our guards are required to maintain appearance standards that will reflect your brand. Our guards have received training in several areas, to include patrol procedures, public relations, radio procedures and intervention procedures. We insure that our guards understand how to deal with the public in positive manner and to prevent problems before they occur.

C.O.P. Security uses NY State mandated background and licensing procedures for security guards. In addition we are always searching for new high quality employees. We use our contacts within the industry to get referrals and locate the best employees. This has enabled us to maintain a high quality security force. All of our current employees have previous law enforcement, military or several years of security guard experience. We maintain that our employees are of a higher caliber than our competitors and believe that this is an important part of the services that we provide.

C.O.P. Security uses continuing on the job training as well as job specific training to make sure that our guards provide the highest quality service to our customers. C.O.P. Security will provide your company with these high quality employees to fill the required positions and any additional services requested. C.O.P. Security has the necessary resources to provide permanent 40-hour employees to fulfill requirements.