Private Security Services in Wayne County

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Safety is paramount at the site of every workplace, making it essential that companies have a thorough security plan in place.

One way to make sure your business is aptly protected is to hire a professional security service. C.O.P. Security provides professional security guards to businesses throughout Wayne County, and we can provide you with the perfect security plan for your company’s needs.

We provide unarmed and armed guards to businesses of many sizes and in many industries. Whether you need security guards to serve as reception   or you need guards to continually drive around and check out the perimeter in branded vehicle patrol cars, we will provide you with whatever best suits your company.

C.O.P. Security also provides guards for events big and small, as we can provide one person or a team of professional security guards.

If you’re in Wayne County and need the services of a professional security company you can trust, contact C.O.P. Security today.