Private Security Services in Monroe County

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Regardless of where you need professional security guards in Monroe County, C.O.P. Security will send the most professional and qualified guards in the entire area. We provide our professional security services throughout the county, including in Rochester and Henrietta, NY.

C.O.P. Security provides guards for a wide range of occasions and purposes. For example, we work with businesses in various industries and provide them with well-trained, experienced guards that man the premises, and make sure a safe environment is crated and maintained for all. Our guards can even serve as reception for businesses, and we have branded patrol vehicles if companies want someone to circle the premises, or simply want the deterrent of having a security vehicle in place.

In addition, our guards are used by organizers planning events both big and small. If it’s a big event, we can provide an entire security team if need be, and they will make sure crowd control is in check and everyone feels safe. As well, if you simply need a guard or a couple of guards to ensure a smaller event runs smoothly, we will provide you with exactly what you need.

If you would like more information about our security services, please contact us today or fill out the contact form below.