Why Schools Should Hire Professional Security Guards for Sporting Events

Close up of an American football with high school players warming up in the backgroundSporting events are one of the most awaited moments in a school’s calendar. The thrill of the game, the roar of the crowd, and the camaraderie that fills the air creates a unique experience. However, ensuring the safety of everyone present becomes of paramount importance. With increasing security concerns in today’s world, it’s essential to have professionally trained security guards overseeing such events.

Security Guards for School Sporting Events in Rochester, NY

It’s not just about a show of force or flexing muscle. Having a trained security guard at your sporting event signifies the commitment of the institution towards the well-being of its students, staff, and visitors. In our current age, where unexpected incidents can happen anytime, being proactive in matters of safety is non-negotiable. These are some of the benefits of having a security presence:

  1. Visible Deterrence: Just the mere presence of a security guard can deter potential mischief-makers. People are less likely to take a chance when they know they’re being watched.
  2. Swift Response: In the unlikely event of an emergency or a security breach, a professional guard can respond immediately, ensuring minimal harm and controlling the situation.
  3. Expertise in Crisis Handling: Guards trained for various scenarios. Be it a physical altercation, a lost child, or even a medical emergency, their training ensures they handle the situation calmly and effectively.

How C.O.P. Security Stands Out

There are security companies, and then there’s C.O.P. Security. Whether you need unarmed guards who are trained to de-escalate situations without force or armed guards with extensive experience, we have you covered. Having trained personnel who patrol, whether on foot or in vehicles, ensures complete coverage of your event. Plus, our experience in camera surveillance offers an added layer of security, keeping an eye on areas that might not be immediately visible.

Sporting events should be about fun, excitement, and making memories. Let’s ensure they remain that way. By ensuring top-notch security, you not only protect the attendees but also the reputation of your institution. To learn more about how C.O.P. Security can help, contact us today.

How Security Risk Management Services Can Help Your Company

Digital composite of Security man near roof building siteIt’s smart to take advantage of security risk management services. In this world we’re living in, it seems like there are new and unusual threats happening everyday when it comes to security. Security risk management involves the ongoing process of identifying threats and risks, as well as figuring out plans to address how to deal with such issues. How is your company or organization vulnerable to security risks? Is anyone or any company currently asking that question on your behalf?

Security Risk Management Services in Rochester

Security risk management services can be “outsourced” to companies like C.O.P. Security. Rather than handle such a hefty task in-house, hire another company to do so. What are some of the benefits?

Working with security companies like C.O.P. Security affords you access to their expertise and experience. They know more about various security risks than you do. They keep on top of the latest security technologies and they know what’s trending in the business. What are the latest threats? What are some best practices? Security companies doing their job will have answers to these questions and more.

If you have the need for risk management, you can hire a company like C.O.P. Security and, in the end, save money. After all, the security company has the equipment they bring to the table– you don’t have to buy it! Meanwhile, your employees or workers can do their jobs without having to try to tackle the additional responsibilities associated with security– leave it to the security experts to handle such matters.

Finally, security companies often offer 24/7 monitoring and response, and they’re also knowledgeable about regulatory and compliance requirements such that you/your company (or organization) will be able to meet such standards and regulations.

Curious to know more about security risk management services? Call C.O.P. Security of Western and Central New York at 585-750-5608 or email rbarton@copsecuritycorp.com.

Here’s Why CEOs Should Consider Private Security

Business Security Guard Service At Work Near Luxury CarCEOs (Chief Executive Officers) are corporate managers who often head up/manage organizations. They’re usually regarded as very important people who make lots of money and steer organizations in the right, profitable direction. CEOs are often in the public eye, becoming public figures who are talked about, written about, seen on TV, etc. A lot of people look up to them, but there can also be people who hate them and want to do them harm. Maybe they’re jealous of their salary, power or position. Maybe they have an ax to grind over some past situation. Long story short– CEOs should consider hiring private security. Guards can watch over CEOs as well as their close co-workers and family members.

Security Guards for Hire in Rochester, NY

Private security guards are often employed by business CEOs as well as celebrities, professional athletes and wealthy families so they stay protected and safe from harm. Guards may go with CEOs to important business meetings. They may end up flying with CEOs on corporate jets to various cities around the country or globe. They might also have to do surveillance during key meetings or public events, making sure no crazy attackers get to their CEO and his or her entourage.

Some CEOs have a net worth that’s so high that they’re automatically a target of criminals.

Whether at home, the office or traveling, CEOs (and the people they interact with on a daily basis like a spouse, children, etc.) might need protection and they do not want all sorts of people to have access to them!

If you’re a high-profile CEO, and you’ve been thinking about hiring security guards, call C.O.P. Security of Rochester, NY, at 585-750-5608.

Should Apartment Buildings Have Security Guards?

Security Guard At Entrance At Apartment Building Crime is up in Rochester it seems. Nationwide, you can’t turn on the TV these days without hearing about another shooting or robbery. With inflation at record levels, people are getting more and more desperate for money. Therefore, Western and Central New York, and America as a whole, aren’t as safe as they might have been in the past.

If you live in an apartment building, you want to come home to a place where you feel safe. You don’t want to be dodging drug deals in the parking lot or halls. You don’t want to be assaulted by some lunatic asking for trouble. And you certainly don’t want the building spray painted with gang symbols and swear words.

How Security Guards Benefit Apartment Complexes

Should apartments have security guards? Depending on where they are located, yes, it makes sense to have security guards watching over apartments.

People want to feel safe, especially where they live and sleep. Guards can be on the lookout for any unusual activities happening around an apartment building. Guards can also react quickly to problems they notice and if they have to call the police to intervene, that’s one of their duties as well. Trained to handle intense and potentially dangerous situations, security guards do their best so that people stay safe and properties avoid thefts and damages.

For example, a little old lady who lives in an apartment might feel safer if she can call a security guard to walk her to/from her vehicle at night, right? Meanwhile, guards can check for any hazardous risks on the property– they function as “eyes and ears” of a place. And, if domestic violence/abuse is happening, they can report it. Guards can also serve as eyewitnesses to events and their testimonies can be used in court if needed.

The presence of security guards at an apartment building can help deter criminals and vandals. They’ll go bother other places where they won’t get noticed or caught– places without guards.

If you want to hire guards for your Upstate New York apartment complex, please call C.O.P. Security at 585-750-5608 or email rbarton@copsecuritycorp.com.

Here’s How Security Guards Can Help Businesses in the Hospitality Industry

Portrait of restaurant security guard stopping drunk man Do you run a hospitality business in Western or Central New York, such as a hotel or restaurant? If so, you might want to hire security guards to help your business. Guards can keep watch on who’s coming and going from your hospitality business.

How Security Guards Help in the Hospitality Industry

Since the pandemic started in 2020, the world has changed and people are worse than they used to be. People are acting in strange ways, and there’s more anger and stealing of items. Businesses have the challenge of pleasing customers but they don’t have the staff to meet needs or expectations. Customers get irate. In the old days they might just tell and complain. Today it seems people are more aggressive towards workers Yikes. Meanwhile, supply chains broke down during lockdowns. Now businesses are working with “new” vendors and contractors whom they might not know very well– and can they be trusted? A security guard can check to see if the “newbies” are stealing things from your hospitality business!

Businesses like hotels are crowded, fairly public places. They’re vulnerable to bad things happening– thieves go where the money is. If you run a hospitality business, you’re probably already doing some things to protect against theft and violence and vandalism– that’s good. Things like CCTV, gates, locked doors, alarm systems, etc. are all helpful. You shouldn’t neglect the “human factor” of having security guards on duty at your property. They’re a visible deterrent to those who want to do bad. They have an intimidating presence to make thieves think twice. That said, they can also be helpful to regular, everyday folks who need directions to the bathrooms, or want someone to walk them to their car in the parking lot late at night.

Ideally, in this day and age, you want to protect people and property from harm, right? Call C.O.P. Security of Rochester, NY at 585-750-5608 to discuss hiring security guards for your hospitality business in Western or Central New York.

Don’t Make the Wrong Assumptions About Security Guards

Security Guard At Entrance Gate At NightWhat are some misconceptions about security guards? There are plenty! Here are some of them…


For starters, people often assume it takes no training to be a security guard. They figure anyone can be hired “off the street” and start the same day as a guard with no training or skills. That’s not true. Professional security guards go through a lot of training in order to meet guidelines and standards expected in the industry. States have specific regulations that guards must adhere to in order to become licensed.


Next, people assume security guards must be big, tall, strong straight white men. They assume guards will all be no-nonsense guys who intimidate anyone they see. Well, maybe in some situations, like bars, it makes sense to hire big and burly guys as guards, but realistically, security guards can look, sound and act differently than expected. For instance, you might see a short, skinny female guard somewhere, or an older person of color or a young guard as well. Guards are more diverse than people think.


What about the idea that guards “don’t do anything?” False. Guards have jobs during their shifts. They may take notes. They may watch screens. They might have to check bags for weapons. They might call the police. They’ll answer people’s questions and/or give directions. It’s a lot to juggle, actually.


Are guards always rude to the public? While some may be stern or intimidating at times, guards are generally not rude to people because that isn’t how they’re supposed to be with the public. They actually should be able to calmly and clearly communicate with all types of people, preferably in a friendly manner.


Finally, there’s the thought that hiring guards costs too much so why bother? Well, the reality is that hiring guards is cost-feasible for most businesses. In order to best protect property and assets, security guards play a vital role in keeping people and places safe from harm.

Do you need security guards for your place in Western or Central New York? Call C.O.P. Security at 585-750-5608 for more information.

A National Rise In Shoplifting Has Increased the Need for Security Guards

Young female shopper stuffing her purse with stolen goods at a store Shoplifting has become a major national issue lately. Inflation has caused prices to rise and poorer people may not be able to afford everyday items, so they’re shoplifting them right out of stores all over the place. Even before inflation, right around the pandemic (2020, 2021) certain municipalities decided to not punish shoplifters, so it was like an open invitation to anyone to take whatever they wanted from a CVS or convenience store because there’d be no repercussions!

Shoplifters Are More Brazen Today

Today’s shoplifters have been deemed aggressive and brazen. They’ll enter a store in groups and just take what they want and leave, destroying the place in the process. This is especially true in big cities like New York, Philadelphia, Portland, Seattle and San Francisco. Shoplifting has become so bad that many retailers and chain stores are just closing up in those cities, abandoning them because they’re sick of all the crime and all the money lost.

Businesses in Many Industries Have Seen an Increase in Shoplifters

A survey by Business.org found that small business owners reported a 54% increase in shoplifting last year, with one in four owners saying they’re dealing with the issue on a weekly basis. Thousands and thousands of items are being shoplifted and police have been told, “Don’t arrest them; Let them take stuff.”

Nowadays, if you walk into a Walmart in suburban Buffalo or Rochester, you’ll notice many items are kept under lock and key because the retailer doesn’t want them shoplifted. It’s come down to that! Rochester, in particular, is quickly becoming known nationwide as a city of crime– not exactly something a city wants to be known for, right?

Security Guards Can Help

What are business owners supposed to do in order to combat shoplifting these days? Well, hiring security guards can help. Guards monitor stores. They observe customers and shoplifters and can identify people who do wrong if and when the police are called to the scene. Security guards can also watch to see if employees are stealing from a business, which, sadly, is happening more and more. If anything, if an employee knows they’re being “watched” they might not be able to get away with stealing that which they intended to take home with them.

Security guards have a presence about them, and that can intimidate would-be shoplifters and cause them to think twice before committing a crime. Guards act as a visible deterrent. They’re trained to look for suspicious people and activities. They can monitor surveillance equipment if they need to, and report anything out of the ordinary to the powers-that-be. If needed, a guard can write up an incident report and give it to the police– this info may also be used to settle lawsuits and/or in court.

If you have a small business or store in Western or Central New York and you’re concerned about an increase in shoplifting, consider hiring security guards from C.O.P. Security to keep watch at store entrances and exits. For more information, call C.O.P. Security of Rochester, NY at 585-750-5608.

What Are the Advantages of Branded Patrol Security Services?

Security guard talking on radio in her patrol car What are some benefits of hiring branded patrol security services? A branded company is quite visible to all– people who aren’t doing anything wrong as well as those who might want to cause trouble. Branded or marked vehicles make their presence known wherever they’re on patrol.


When you want maximum visibility, hire a branded patrol security service. Because of their logo, uniform and/or graphics on vehicles, they are easily distinguishable from a distance making them quite effective. In other words, they get noticed! This branding ultimately helps deter crime because would-be criminals know they’re being watched. Furthermore, should there be an accident or situation, when you’ve got branded security, they’re easy to spot so they serve as a warning for traffic to slow down and let people know “be careful around us.”

Affordable Security

By hiring a branded patrol security service, you’re choosing an affordable way to keep people and property secure. Meanwhile, when people see the branded security, they recognize their authority and professionalism so they’re on their best behavior– they don’t want to get in trouble for anything. Of course there are criminals who want to do wrong, but when they see branded security, they think twice– maybe they could get away with their crime elsewhere– but not if security is in the area.


Branded patrols can watch over residential neighborhoods, commercial properties (including parking lots) and general events where people gather and the possible need for crowd control or conflict management could arise.

In Western and Central New York (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, etc.) if you’re looking for branded patrol security services, call C.O.P. Security at 585-750-5608 or email rbarton@copsecuritycorp.com C.O.P. Security is customer focused and cares very much about client satisfaction.

What is a Commercial Security Audit?

Male security guard using portable radio on a commercial setting Do you work in a commercial setting where business is conducted? Commercial properties are prone to things like thefts, vandalism and crime. When’s the last time you did a security audit? A professional (or team of professionals) can assess how your current security measures are doing, and whether any changes need to be made in order to improve how safe you and your property are in case of an emergency or criminal problem.

Commercial Properties May Have Vulnerabilities

Your commercial property might currently have vulnerabilities that make it prone to criminals stealing from you! For instance, you might have a broken fence in the back parking lot that lets people in after hours even though you don’t want anyone getting in “overnight.” Or maybe you don’t have any lights outside and there are giant bushes or trees next to your building where thieves could easily hide and, worse, break-in through a door or window with no one seeing them.

While it’s great to have actual human guards patrol your property and look for potential threats, don’t forget there are “little” things that can be addressed in order to make your workplace safer. That’s what a security audit helps figure out– things like how money is handled in the building, how hallways are lit or not lit, do all the door locks work or not, is technology out-of-date or not even functioning…

Ideally you want to protect things (like computer data, equipment) as well as people (like workers and visitors) at your commercial property. A professional security audit involves experts identifying risks, assessing them and then coming up with solutions. Maybe current practices and policies could use some changes or updates, right? An audit can help give your business a third-party objective “eye” to see what’s going on.

Don’t be caught off guard only to find out you had gaps in protection. A security audit can give you peace of mind and help prevent future crime. Get rid of weaknesses in the system before damages are done.

If you’re concerned you don’t have enough of a security presence on your commercial property in the Rochester area, learn how COP Security can help.

Benefits of Having Armed Security at Your Business

A security officer carries a gun on his beltThe question of whether or not to hire security is something that many business owners have to consider. For those that decide they will, there is another question to ponder: should the guards be armed?

This is not necessary for every business, but it definitely has its perks in certain situations. Here are some of the benefits of hiring armed security for your business:

Deter Issues

You hired security for your business to deal with a handful of potential issues. You want to avoid theft and robberies, but also fights and rowdy customers. Yes, security can deal with all those problems, but wouldn’t it be better if they never happened in the first place? Armed security will deter people from creating a problem in the first place. They’re far less likely to steal or vandalize your business when they see an armed guard.


A person can’t just buy a gun and become and armed security guard. When you hire from a security firm, you can rest assured knowing that any armed guard has been through extensive training. They’ll be licensed and know exactly how to handle a weapon. They’ll also have to pass a background check so you will have peace of mind knowing that they’ll be a trustworthy and competent person.

Protect Your Valuables

Nearly every business deals with theft at some level, but some businesses carry more valuable items than others. Thus, they’re more likely to deal with heists and robberies. Businesses such as banks, jewelry stores and galleries wisely tend to hire armed security because they’re so likely to deal with armed robberies. In these cases, armed security guards can stop and detain the culprits until law enforcement arrives.

If you’re looking to hire armed guards to keep your business safe, C.O.P Security can help you. Our team is made up of many former members of law enforcement, veterans of the military and other highly-trained professionals. Call us at 585-750-5608 to learn more today!