Why Your Business Needs a Video Surveillance System

A man installs a security cameraIf you own and operate a small business, chances are you’re quite busy. No matter what type of business you’re in there’s never any shortage of things to do, employees to hire and train, questions to answer, customers to attend to, innovations and new ideas to work on.

So, it’s understandable if you don’t have time to always watch over everything to ensure that employees are focused on work, no customers are stealing anything, and everything is functioning as it should. Instead of trying to be an all-seeing eye, consider investing in a camera surveillance system for your business. It really doesn’t matter what type of product or service you offer; a camera surveillance system can make your company function at a higher level and take some stress off you.

The Benefits of Surveillance

There are quite a few benefits to setting up a surveillance system in your business, especially if you make it known that there are cameras on the premises. Knowledge of cameras has been shown to scare away potential thefts. Everyone from the pettiest of shoplifters to armed felons are statistically less likely to target your business. Catching someone on camera also increases the likelihood they are apprehended by law enforcement and any stolen goods are returned. Of course, this all also applies to theft perpetrated by employees, which is unfortunately a problem that many businesses deal with.

Employees will also be aware of the camera and will adjust their behavior accordingly. There will likely be fewer disruptions and less slacking off. They’ll be far less inclined to do anything untoward with the product as well. For example, restaurant employees aren’t going to spit in food when they know they’re being watched. Overall, they’ll behave and work as though they are being watched by their boss at all times. Because, in a way, they are.

The Convenience of Technology

Gone are the days of a couple expensive cameras submitting a grainy feed to a small TV in some backroom. There have been improvements in nearly every facet of the process. Modern cameras are able to see more clearly and at greater distances. Advanced searching technology allows you to quickly pinpoint moments in time that you’re interested in checking. They are easy to install and are versatile enough to work in whatever space you need them.

Plus, these systems can be synced with your building security or alarm system to allow you to see what’s going on when the alarm is going off. They can be connected directly to your smart phone as well so you can check them remotely and keep an eye on your business from halfway across the world.

Monitoring the System

Once you’ve decided to invest in a camera surveillance system and it’s installed and in good working order, you’re going to need someone to monitor the system throughout the day and perhaps also the night, depending on your business.

That’s where we come in. At Cop Security Inc, we are capable of being trained on any existing or new security system. Our security professionals are well-trained and capable of quickly adapting to your business’s unique needs. We’re the final step in ensuring a functional surveillance system for your business.

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Benefits of Having Security at Your Outdoor Event

Security checks tickets outside a wine festivalWe’re in the midst of the most popular time of the year for outdoor events. It feels like each summer here in Western New York, there’s a multitude of events each weekend. Lawn fetes, carnivals, beer tents, festivals, block parties and more dominate the calendar from May through August.

If you’re planning on holding one of these events, it’s wise to hire a professional security detail to ensure everything runs smoothly. Here are some benefits to doing so:


Security can come in very handy when it comes to letting in those who belong at your event and keeping out those who don’t. This is especially important if your event requires a ticket, fee or some type of requirement just to enter. Even if an event is free to enter, security can help ensure that people do not enter areas they don’t belong, such as children trying to get into alcohol or gambling areas.

Peace of Mind/Deterrent

Having a noticeable security presence at your outdoor event will have a few effects. Some will feel more safe, knowing professionals are around to handle any issues that may arise, and thus are more likely to attend or stay longer. Others who may have been inclined to cause some sort of trouble, may now feel as though it’s not worth it as they’re more likely to be stopped. Studies have shown that people are less likely to commit crimes when security guards are present. And when issues like theft do pop up, they’re far more likely to be stymied.

The Alcohol Factor

Many summer events feature a beer tent or some equivalent way for adults to enjoy alcoholic beverages. There’s nothing wrong with people of the appropriate age enjoying some drinks with friends. However, a few people tend to ruin the fun for everyone with arguments, fights and generally disruptive conduct. A professional security guard will be able to diffuse situations like this and remove the offending party from the event.

If you’re looking to hire private security for your event and don’t know where to start, C.O.P. Professional Security Inc. can help. Our security experts are trained to resolve conflicts and target problems before they start while also making guest feel at ease. Call 585-750-5608 for more information.

How Security Guards Can Help in Residential Areas

Residential security guard walking around neighborhood homes One of the reasons people move to certain areas is because they feel safe (or safer) there. And in order to maintain a safe neighborhood, sometimes area residents will form a “neighborhood watch” block club to keep tabs on who is in the neighborhood and whether or not anything unusual or bad might be happening to one of the houses “down the street” or “next door.” That’s a good thing, especially in the weird times we’re living in.

Guards Make Neighborhoods Safer

If and when neighbors aren’t home enough to keep tabs on their neighborhood, or they don’t have the time or skills to do so, then it’s a good idea to hire security guards to patrol and watch over specific areas of a residential community. For instance, many gated communities will utilize security guards, especially at the front gate where everyone coming and going is monitored and accounted for– that way, it’s known who is there and who is not!

Apartment and condo complexes, as well as neighborhoods with HOAs, often have to deal with security issues like burglaries, break-ins, loitering, loud party noises and vandalism. While alarm systems and electronic gates can help, it’s even better to have human security guards patrolling the halls or streets, seeing what’s going on, especially at night. It’s better to have a security guard deal with problems than to expect a resident to tackle difficult situations.

Oftentimes, a security guard’s main functions in a residential area includes access control and gate security as well as foot or road patrols, and, if needed, providing a quick response to emergencies. When someone’s safety is at risk, for whatever reason, isn’t it reassuring to know there’s a security guard nearby? Definitely!

C.O.P. Security Inc. serves Western and Central New York. If you’d like to find out more information about hiring security guards for residential areas, please call C.O.P. Security at 585-750-5608.

Businesses Need More Than Just “Hardware Security”

cropped view of security guard using metal detectorMany businesses use hardware, like metal detectors, locks and cameras, for security purposes. That said, businesses need more than just hardware security options. It’s best to hire and utilize professional, trained security guards who can provide an active response to any issues at any given time.

Active Security is Key

Having human security guards means you can better protect your building and all that’s in and around it. Security guards act as real-time eyes and ears as they patrol the grounds and notice anything unusual or out of the ordinary happening– they’re often able to prevent crimes from occurring just by being vigilant and/or vocal.

Passive security is good, but active security is better. Machines can do a lot to help protect a business from harm, but human security guards are able to adapt to situations quickly, make informed decisions and take initiative as well. If they see a threat, security guards can investigate and respond to that threat like no machine can. A camera can’t escort someone out of a building but a person can.

Guards Deter Criminals

Keep in mind that criminals don’t want to deal with human security guards. Thus, having security guards on the premises acts as a deterrent to potential break-ins and thefts.

Whether you need a security guard to patrol the grounds or perhaps act as a bodyguard, these days it just makes sense to invest in people who can be there for you, truly protecting you and your assets when needed. Sure, hardware security is helpful, but there’s nothing quite like professional human security guards to make sure your business is protected from all sorts of bad situations.

In Western and Central New York, when you’re looking to hire security guards, call C.O.P. Security at 585-750-5608. You can also email rbarton@copsecuritycorp.com. C.O.P. Security generally covers Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and surrounding communities.

What Can We Learn From Recent School Shootings?

Male security guard talking into radio outside of a school It’s a difficult question, but one that should be asked: What can we learn from school shootings?

Sadly, school shootings have seemingly become an annual event here in the United States. Scarily, those are just the tragedies that do happen; who knows how many close calls we have that we don’t count but were prevented thanks to the brave work of teachers, counselors, security personnel, resource officers and even fellow students.

It’s become a huge, hot button issue in the United States as we figure out how to solve the crisis. As such, in order to better our future, it’s important we learn from the past. With that in mind, what are some things that we as a society can learn from previous school shootings?

Domino Effect

For starters, people always watch what other people do. When one school shooting happens somewhere you can almost expect another to happen elsewhere because someone somewhere heard about it on the news and were, sadly, encouraged to do such a heinous thing as well. Though most people are good, God-fearing people who have no interest in shooting up a school, there are bad, evil people out there who have lost their empathy for humanity and have an ax to grind. They take out their anger and frustration by using a gun to shoot innocent kids. Is this horrible? Definitely. Is it quite the sad reality of the world we live in today? Yes.

Hope For the Best, Prepare for the Worse

Most educators think– and hope– that shootings won’t happen at their school. And they’re probably right, because statistically, school shootings are not a common, everyday occurrence around the country. That said, educators need to be watchful and prepared “just in case.” Every school, no matter how big or small, needs to think about school safety procedures. Sadly, every school in the U.S.A. needs to plan for a potential school shooting situation “just in case.”

Prepare the Educators and Facilities

drug and gun free school zone sign at a school yard. From door locks to video surveillance systems, most schools have taken measures to help deal with school shootings. But what about an actual shooting taking place? Will door locks and videos fix the problem? Probably not.

Hire a Security Presence

Besides educating educators about protecting themselves and their students if/when a shooter enters the building, it’s also a good idea to hire security guards to patrol the premises and be there– at the school– should a shooter make their presence known.

Would you rather find out your kids were shot and killed at school or that a shooter came there but was apprehended by a trained security guard, protecting the innocent from harm? Not only are security guards trained for the moment, but they also use their experience and knowledge to prevent terrible situations from escalating.

In Western and Central NY, you can hire C.O.P. Security Inc. of Spencerport, NY, to watch over your school; Please call 585-750-5608 for more info.

Should Nightclubs Have Private Security?

Male Security Officer Standing In Night Club

When you think of nightclubs, and getting into them, you usually think of bouncers. They’re usually the big guys out front who determine whether or not people get into the club, and if someone is causing trouble, they’ll literally toss them out to the curb– bounce them out of the club!

Bouncers definitely serve an important role at many nightclubs, but then there’s this question to consider: should nightclubs have private security? The answer is yes.

Why Nightclubs Should Have a Security Presence

Nightclubs are known for crowds and intoxicated people. There can be physical and verbal altercations, as well as shootings and thefts, among other problems. Therefore, it makes sense to hire and utilize private security to help manage any and all problems that come with a night at a club.

The majority of people attending nightclubs don’t cause any trouble, but then there are a few “bad apples” who do. Security guards should be physically present at nightclubs to provide a sense of safety and security to patrons and staffers.

Security guards can help manage access to the premises of a nightclub, as well as managing capacity such that the venue doesn’t exceed capacity and face fines or worse. Guards can also check IDs to make sure people are “of age” to be there.

Nightclubs do need rules, and those rules need to be enforced. Security guards help enforce the nightclub’s rules. If dangerous situations arise, guards can handle them, hopefully in a peaceful and effective manner. If law enforcement needs to be called in, guards will be the first people they’ll communicate with, in order to assess the situation.

Do you own or manage a nightclub in Upstate New York, specifically Rochester or Buffalo or somewhere in between? If you’d like more information about hiring security guards for your nightclub, please call C.O.P. Security at 585-750-5608 or email rbarton@copsecuritycorp.com.

A Security Guard Provides Much More Than Just Protection

Security Guard in Mall

Thinking of hiring a security guard for security purposes? That’s a great idea. Keep in mind, though, that security guards do more than just stop bad things from happening…

Traffic Director

In many settings, whether it’s a parking lot, a retail store or a hospital, a security guard can help guide people to where they want to go. Maybe they can help a person find their car in a parking lot, or direct them to the check-in area of a hospital, which tends to be maze-like, right?

Customer Service

Besides guiding people to where they want to go, security guards often engage in customer service duties. There are a wide variety of roles a security guard may find themselves in during a shift, whether it’s assisting disabled or elderly people, helping others carry heavy items and/or providing their opinions on products and such. Having a security guard “around” helps give peace of mind to those in the vicinity, and it can actually help elevate people’s moods and improve their attitudes, too.

Property Damage Deterrent

Security guards on the premises can actually help increase profits and property values. Just their presence helps reduce crime and property damage. This, in turn, can encourage more business since people know they’re in a secure place/environment.

First Impressions

Meanwhile, security guards often serve as greeters, especially if they’re stationed at a front desk, door or gate. While monitoring who comes and goes, a security guard also serves as a “first impression” for an event or place. When they offer a warm and direct greeting, that not only helps people feel welcome, but also reminds them that security is present.

First Responder

Finally, security guards can help deal with emergencies such as natural disasters and/or medical problems… If someone is having a heart attack, a security guard is trained to stay calm in that situation and can get other people “out of the way” until medics arrive. If a fire is in the building, security guards can calmly lead people out of the building safely.

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How Security Guards Stay Safe in the Field

Security Guard Holding Up Hand to Prevent Trespassers

Security guards have a job that puts them at personal risk while doing their duties. How do security guards stay safe in the field?

Who watches the watchers? Criminals and people up to no good are often on the lookout for anyone who wants to thwart their plans. Therefore, security guards have to outsmart them. They can vary their routes so they’re not predictable.

For instance, if criminals always know when and where guards are, they know exactly where to attack them. But if guards vary their routes and such (including arrival/departure times), that throws bad guys off, and that’s a good thing. Smart guards are intimately familiar with their working environment(s), knowing where stairwells, doors and exits are.

What about protective clothing and equipment? Maybe guards wear bulletproof vests. Maybe they carry weapons on their person. And, since they have to be active at certain times, it’s important that their clothing doesn’t restrict movement. Good footwear is key, too. Guards can utilize security equipment to help stay safe in the field. Equipment might include mobile phones, radios, CCTV, and/or alarm systems.

Security guards should know their limits. They should be trained to handle several situations, and if there’s a need for back-up or police officers, guards should know how and when to call for help. Safety tools in place might include panic buttons and notifications, especially for workers who work alone– that way, they can “check in” with someone else if they desperately need help for whatever reason.

C.O.P. Security of Rochester, New York, provides security guards for a variety of places and situations in Western and Central New York, including Buffalo and Syracuse. From foot patrols to camera surveillance, C.O.P. can fulfill your private security needs. Please call 585-750-5608 or email rbarton@copsecuritycorp.com for more information.

Avoid These Red Flags When Hiring a Security Company

Security Guard Checking Security Cameras

Do you work for a business and you’re tasked with hiring private security to help protect that business, including its property and people? What should you avoid when hiring private security?

First things first– avoid hiring a company that’s not going to tailor their services for your business. No two businesses are the same, so each company has uniquely specific requirements. Do you want your security team doing things their own way, paying no attention to your wants and needs? Of course not! So make sure the security team you employ is willing to tailor their service to your particular business. They’re there to serve you!

Next, you want to avoid hiring security that’s unnecessarily too aggressive in their operations. After all, you don’t want to have a potential lawsuit on your hands. Ideally, security guards should be about prevention– helping prevent incidents and crime– rather than escalating problems where they get totally out of hand.

Also, don’t make the mistake of not reading any reviews before you hire security. There are online reviews, and you can also consider asking for references to call, before you sign any contracts. It’s important to know whether past clients were satisfied or not… and why.

Will a security team wear a certain uniform or not? Does that matter to you? Avoid hiring security teams that don’t want to dress the part.

Ask if a security company is licensed and see if that license is current or expired. You want to make sure they’re legally licensed to provide services for your business. Also check their insurance coverage.

Finally, avoid the mistake of immediately hiring the lowest “bidder” among competing companies. You get what you pay for, so if a company’s price seems too cheap, you might end up with more headaches than results.

Are you looking to hire security in Upstate (Central and Western) New York? Consider C.O.P. Security– call 585-750-5608 for details.

The Debate of Hiring a School Security Guard

Security guard in front of school

If you’re of a certain age, you can remember a time when it was pretty much unthinkable that violence would occur at school. Today, however, it’s almost become “the norm,” sadly, and that’s why many school districts, whether rural, suburban or city, hire school security guards.

The Debate on Whether Schools Need Security Guards

There is a debate on whether or not to hire guards for schools, because there are pros and cons to having them there, highly visible on school grounds. Some people might ask, “Do we really need them?” Others might say, “Can we afford them?” Then, of course, there are people, especially parents, who say, “Of course they should be there! I want my kid protected!”

The Pros

Having school security guards can be a good thing if you want competent and caring adults monitoring school grounds to help prevent crimes and/or intervene if and when something’s “not right.” Guards help ensure that people and property don’t get hurt or damaged, so that’s a good thing. Meanwhile, their presence lets people know they’re being watched and if they do something wrong there is someone watching who will report them to authorities– and they’ll likely face consequences. Furthermore, schools today can have emotional, physical and even sexual abuse going on between students, teachers, employees and/or visitors– a lot could go wrong if no one’s watching, right? Imagine if a stranger finds their way into a school, and they have a knife or gun and want to do harm… a security guard would be the person to notice them and call the cops. Guards are also on the lookout for any would-be robbers who want to steal computers or oddballs who want to kidnap kids.

Reasons Why Some Are Skeptical

security guard using walkie talkie at school

What, then, would be some reasons people might object to having security guards in schools? For starters, it might make the students nervous or scared to have uniformed authority figures around them. They might feel so distressed that they avoid coming to school. Is this a bit irrational? Sure. But it happens. Also, there’s the cost. School budgets are notoriously tight, and for that reason there might be objections over paying guards to be there. With that, there’s also the cost of insurance for school security guards, which could cost “too much.”

If you ask most parents, though, paying school security guards to be present and working on the grounds of their kids’ school is totally worth it. They want to know their kids are protected from potential harm, and in today’s day and age, with all the crazy, somewhat unexpected violence happening in schools, having guards there becomes a necessity.

In Western and Central New York, if you need to hire school security guards, call C.O.P. Security at 585-750-5608. We have years of experience providing private security services, and all of our guards are fully trained and equipped to handle all types of situations. Although we’ve made our name in the Rochester area, we also provide schools security services throughout Western New York, including but not limited to Orleans County, Ontario County, Monroe, County and Wayne County.