Unarmed Guards

For large events, commercial enterprises, apartments, offices and other locations, unarmed guards are an easy way to make all customers, workers and visitors feel secure. Unarmed guards are trained to help keep order and they provide a visible deterrent to possible offenders. Unarmed guards may also conduct security searches at entrances or checkpoints, and help maintain organized, orderly activity at events or businesses.

Enlisting unarmed guards at your store, office, residential complex, plant or other facility allows you to keep a full-time watch over your access points, assets, customers and employees. Unarmed guards are trained to calmly and effectively resolve potential disruptions between visitors, watch for and prevent theft or vandalism, and assist customers or employees where needed. C.O.P. Security Inc. can help you select and design an unarmed security force for your business or event, and give you and your customers peace of mind at work or after hours.

Start planning your proactive defense today and assemble unarmed guards for your location. Contact C.O.P. Security Inc. for more information.