Private Security Services in Orleans County

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C.O.P. Security provides professional security services to businesses, organizations and special event organizers throughout Orleans County, including in Albion and Medina. We’re a family run business that strives to provide our customers with top notch service while maintaining a secure and open environment where all parties feel safe. Ultimately, we work to build long-lasting, trusting relationships with our clients by showing them how professional and dependable our guards are, regardless of the type of job they’re hired to do.

We can provide armed or unarmed guards, depending on your particular needs. Further, we have branded patrol cars that serve as a wonderful deterrent if you need guards to circle the premises and make sure nothing is amiss.

For many businesses, our guards double as ‘’reception’’ for the company, and are the first persons to meet and greet employees, customers or other visitors of the site. Each of our guards will always display a positive attitude, and will make others feel safe the second they walk into your building or drive onto your parking lot.

As evidenced by our services, our versatile team of security guards can suit a wide range of needs. To discuss your security needs, please contact us today.