Private Security Services in Onondaga County, NY

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Running a business is not easy, and there are many safety concerns that come along with it that make it even more difficult. If you are in charge of operating a business in Onondaga County, you probably know first-hand just how hard it can be to keep your clients, customers and employees feeling safe when they are inside of your facility. Fortunately, C.O.P. Security can make the job slightly easier by taking care of your corporate security needs with professional guards and camera surveillance services that are second to none.

C.O.P. Security can provide your company with highly skilled and licensed security guards who can do everything from work in the reception area to secure the entrance to your building to patrol your property and look for signs of trouble. Our guards are equipped to handle just about any potential problem they may encounter, from resolving disputes and preventing crimes to keeping a cool head and managing emergency situations that require immediate attention. Our security services can be catered to meet the needs of both large and small businesses in Onondaga County and you can trust our armed or unarmed guards to keep your workspace secure so that you can concentrate on building your business and keeping things running smoothly.

C.O.P. Security can also provide your company with camera surveillance services that will allow you to keep an eye on everything that’s going on. When employees know that there are cameras located throughout a building, they will typically be more efficient and also refrain from engaging in troubling behavior. Customers and clients will also be aware of the fact that they are being watched at all times when they see surveillance cameras set up. Plus, cameras are a good way to deter would-be burglars, and can provide video evidence of any criminal activity. Cameras are an excellent way to see what’s happening inside of your commercial, retail or industrial venue at all times.

If you need help with corporate security or camera surveillance services at your business in Onondaga County, contact C.O.P. Security today by calling 585-750-5608 and let us help you with all of your security needs.