Private Security Services in Ontario County

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The presence of professional security guards provides both businesses and their customers with peace of mind knowing that someone is looking out for their wellbeing and is protecting the premises.

C.O.P. Security has sent many experienced, highly trained guards to businesses, organizations and events in Ontario County. We offer a variety of professional security services, including sending unarmed guards, armed guards, and branded vehicle patrol cars to clients looking to increase their security presence and reach. Our guards can even serve as reception and first point of contact for your business when guests walk through the doors.

We train our guards to handle a wide range of situations that could pop up in a given day. Our guards will deftly diffuse unenviable situations, and more importantly, make sure small issues don’t turn into major problems.

All of our current employees have previous law enforcement experience, a military background, or at the very least, have several years of security guard experience, so you can feel rest assured knowing we’ll meet the standards of your brand and always display a professional demeanor.

If you would like more information about our security guard services, please contact us today.