Rochester Emergency Security

It is impossible to plan for every contingency and, in the event of an emergency, having reliable, highly-trained assistance available is essential to quick and safe resolution. C.O.P. Security Inc. provides emergency services to keep your office, event, neighborhood, school and other buildings safe and secure in any situation. Armed or unarmed security experts are available to assist you and your clients, workers, residents or students in emergency situations and keep you protected.

Each security officer receives extensive training in handling emergency situations, and helps to maintain calm and order by providing additional support and defenses. Whether you are in need of replacement security for your location, you would like to increase security for a specific event, or you are in need of specific emergency service to address an unexpected problem, C.O.P. Security Inc. can help.

Call today for more information on any security services or immediate emergency response for your home, office, school, municipal building or event.