Private Security Services in Buffalo NY

Whether you’re a private business, an event organizer or need to ensure a unique circumstance goes smoothly, C.O.P. Security is here to help.

For many years, C.O.P. Security has provided professional security to services to clients with a wide variety of needs. From providing corporate security for private businesses to being the security support team at live, special events, our highly trained guards are here to make sure everything goes according to plan.

The presence of security guards at live events are a wonderful deterrent, and can help prevent unwanted incidents from ever occurring. Just as importantly, a security presence will give fore prospective offenders to think twice before committing an act that jeopardizes the safety of others, or negatively affects their day or night at work or a special event.

Our company can provide foot patrol guards on the ground; armed guards; unarmed guards; and branded vehicle patrols. What’s more, our guards has the knowledge and experience needed to work as a team as special event security, and we can also serve as a reception service for businesses and help them keep watch over their camera surveillance system.

If you need a security service in Buffalo, NY, be sure to trust in the experts at C.O.P. Security.