Private Security Services in Rochester NY

C.O.P. Security has built its reputation in the Rochester area by providing esteemed security guards to customers with many needs. From small businesses and large corporations to special events, our guards are readily available to make your site safer and look out for the well-being of employees, customers and guests alike.

We provide both foot patrol and vehicle patrol guards, and we can send both unarmed and armed guards, depending on your particular needs and preferences. What’s more, our guards can serve as reception for your business, can perform bag searches and can oversee your surveillance system.

Each one of our guards has extensive experience in either law enforcement, in the military or as a security guard. As such, they will know how to respond to all of the different scenarios that could occur on a given day.

If you would like to learn more about our company or if you need a professional security guard in Rochester, NY, please contact us today.