Tips for Staying Alert While on a Security Job

Security GuardsAs humans, sometimes we get bored or tired and need to sleep. However, many of us have jobs where we shouldn’t doze off– ever–because it could put someone else in danger. Take, for instance, the job of security guard. They need to be wide awake and always alert on the job. So what are some of their secrets that you can use to stay alert at your job?

First off, getting out of a stationary area and going for a brisk walk can do wonders for getting the body energy level a quick and much-needed boost. When you’re feeling fatigued, you don’t have to train hard at the gym. Rather, low-impact exercise like walking helps perk your body up. Even something as simple as getting out of a chair and doing some leg lifts, jumping jacks and stretches can help make your body feel better.

Next, listening to music while you work can oftentimes keep you alert. Perhaps you’d think it’s a distraction, but music playing in the background is something that actually helps increase your concentration levels according to experts. Maybe it’s because your brain has to be active to hear and interpret the lyrics or rhythms? Adding music to a room does help perk up the people in it. No wonder parties have music!

Do you get tired eyes at work? Most people do. Here’s a trick to relax your eye muscles– focus on a spot far off in the distance for 30 seconds. Ideally, look out of a window into the distance. Distance vision can help relax eye muscles that are strained.

While some workers rely on energy drinks or coffee to stay alert, which can help in some cases, remember that the highs are often followed with the lows– you crash! Why not utilize certain foods to sustain your energy during the workday, like certain granola bars? Nuts, fruits and veggies are good snack foods to help you stay alert and healthy.

Finally, a simple way to revive yourself at work is to splash cold water on your face and forehead. It’s an instant pick-me-up!


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