A Security Guard Provides Much More Than Just Protection

Security Guard in Mall

Thinking of hiring a security guard for security purposes? That’s a great idea. Keep in mind, though, that security guards do more than just stop bad things from happening…

Traffic Director

In many settings, whether it’s a parking lot, a retail store or a hospital, a security guard can help guide people to where they want to go. Maybe they can help a person find their car in a parking lot, or direct them to the check-in area of a hospital, which tends to be maze-like, right?

Customer Service

Besides guiding people to where they want to go, security guards often engage in customer service duties. There are a wide variety of roles a security guard may find themselves in during a shift, whether it’s assisting disabled or elderly people, helping others carry heavy items and/or providing their opinions on products and such. Having a security guard “around” helps give peace of mind to those in the vicinity, and it can actually help elevate people’s moods and improve their attitudes, too.

Property Damage Deterrent

Security guards on the premises can actually help increase profits and property values. Just their presence helps reduce crime and property damage. This, in turn, can encourage more business since people know they’re in a secure place/environment.

First Impressions

Meanwhile, security guards often serve as greeters, especially if they’re stationed at a front desk, door or gate. While monitoring who comes and goes, a security guard also serves as a “first impression” for an event or place. When they offer a warm and direct greeting, that not only helps people feel welcome, but also reminds them that security is present.

First Responder

Finally, security guards can help deal with emergencies such as natural disasters and/or medical problems… If someone is having a heart attack, a security guard is trained to stay calm in that situation and can get other people “out of the way” until medics arrive. If a fire is in the building, security guards can calmly lead people out of the building safely.

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