Beef Up School Security at High School Sports Game

security guard working at public event,The Buffalo News recently ran a story with the headline, “‘It’s sad to come to this’: As fighting at high school games continues, forfeits become part of the season.” The article detailed some incidents of fighting on the field, in the stands and after the games regarding local high school football teams. It also mentioned that this is not just a Buffalo thing, but it’s happening in Missouri, Maryland, North Carolina, California, etc.

A New York Post article used the phrase, “From Friday night lights to Friday night fights.” Suspected causes of these fights included stress after the pandemic messed up people’s lives (and students’ formative years) as well as the proliferation of social media whereas kids want to go viral with footage of fights.

How Professional Security Guards Help

These days, if you’re in charge of a high school, you should consider hiring security guards for your sporting events. The “new norm” is this: metal detectors and bag checks… and guards who are visible all around the venue, from the parking lot to the stands and near the field or court as well.

Hiring security guards for high school sports can help put attendees at ease. Guards can deal with unruly people on the premises and calm irate people down. They can also help prevent thefts and vandalism. And if things get truly out of hand, guards can call local authorities to come in and make arrests if needed.

Isn’t it strange that we live in a world where mass shootings and metal detectors have kind of become the norm? Yes, it is. That said, safety matters more now than ever. It makes sense to hire security guards for all sorts of events and activities, high school sports included. In Western and Central NY, call C.O.P. Security at 585-750-5608 to discuss your security needs.

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