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Why Schools Should Hire Professional Security Guards for Sporting Events

Sporting events are one of the most awaited moments in a school’s calendar. The thrill of the game, the roar of the crowd, and the camaraderie that fills the air creates a unique experience. However, ensuring the safety of everyone present becomes of paramount importance. With increasing security concerns in today’s world, it’s essential to… Read more »

What Can We Learn From Recent School Shootings?

It’s a difficult question, but one that should be asked: What can we learn from school shootings? Sadly, school shootings have seemingly become an annual event here in the United States. Scarily, those are just the tragedies that do happen; who knows how many close calls we have that we don’t count but were prevented… Read more »

How Schools Can Improve Their Security Measures

Schools can and should improve security measures. No parent wants to find out their kid suffered from a gunshot wound at school. Sadly, we live in an era where gun violence is all too common in schools. But we also have technology and manpower to ramp up security, so all hope is not lost.  Proactive… Read more »

How Schools Should Evaluate Their Security Guards

Evaluating School Security Guards

Perhaps now more than ever parents are concerned about who is watching their kids at school. With all these school shootings going on, people are scared. Will their little one be the victim of gun violence while they’re trying to learn their reading, writing and arithmetic? How should you, as a parent or school administrator… Read more »

How to Assess Your School’s Security Needs

School Security Needs

If you work at a school in the Rochester/Western New York area, when’s the last time you assessed your school’s security needs? Having a security plan in place is both mental and physical. It’s mental in the sense that you and others in the building know what to do if and when something bad happens–… Read more »

What Does a School Security Guard Do?

Security guard in front of school

There are more and more schools across the country hiring security guards these days. School security guards are put into place to protect students and teachers and provide communities with peace of mind. School security guards often have a variety of responsibilities throughout the course of a normal day. Here are several things school security… Read more »

Should Schools Have More Security Guards?

Back in 2012, Adam Lanza killed 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Most of those people were young schoolchildren. Sadly, this was not/is not an isolated incident. Unfortunately, school shootings have become almost commonplace in America. More and more, one turns on the news only to hear about yet another school… Read more »