Do I need an Armed or Unarmed Security Guard?

Security GuardsRegardless of whether you need a security guard or guards to protect your business; to maintain crowd control at a special event; to ensure the safe arrival an important person or package; or for another miscellaneous reason, you might wonder what type of security guard you should hire. More specifically, do you need an armed security guard to protect your premises and the people inhabiting the area, or can you get by with unarmed security guards?

There are many variables to be considered when making your decision, as each situation is unique. That said, let’s take a look at the different qualities of armed guards and unarmed guards, and hopefully, this information will make your decision a bit easier.

Armed Guards

To state the obvious, the biggest difference between armed guards and unarmed guards is the presence of a weapon; armed guards, at least in relation to C.O.P. Security, are properly trained in how to use their firearms, and just as importantly, are properly trained on when they should use, or at least remove their weapon. In regards to C.O.P. Security, each of our armed security guards has law enforcement training and experience, and we thoroughly screen each of our armed guards.

Due to their special training and qualifications, armed guards naturally cost more than unarmed guards do. That said, the presence of an armed guard serves as a natural deterrent to violent criminals and burglars alike, and gives you peace of mind knowing that if a difficult ordeal arises, you will have a highly trained and experienced law enforcement professional there to assess the situation and keep you, the people around you and your property safe.

Transporting a political official, safeguarding the transportation of cash and protecting a bank are three examples of where an armed guard could come in handy.

Unarmed Guards

Unarmed guards also provide a natural deterrent to people that could cause a disruption at a live event, a business, or another institution. Unarmed guards will at least make them think twice about their actions, and unarmed guards can help maintain control of different situations.

Generally speaking, their main duty is, as mentioned, to maintain order, and to observe and stay on top of situations and report any questionable behavior they see. In addition, they can serve as “gatekeepers,’’ and make sure that the only people accessing a building, an apartment complex, an event or another area are people with the proper credentials.

Lastly, they can serve as peacemakers, prevent theft, and improve the morale of people inhabiting the area they’re hired to oversee. Without question, those people will feel safer know they’re there.

Maintaining control at a live event, providing a checkpoint at an apartment or office complex, and safeguarding a retail store are just three examples of where an unarmed guard could prove to be invaluable.

So which type of guard do you need for your situation? If you would like to discuss the specifics of your needs, we can help you determine which type of guard would work best for you. To learn more, please contact us today.


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