Does Your Event or Organization Need an Unarmed Security Guard?

Unarmed Security GuardYou don’t always need an armed security guard. If you’re dealing with large amounts of cash out in the open and you’re located in a high crime area, then an armed security guard makes sense. However, a lot of business owners, event organizers, apartment complexes and others who want security around are perfectly happy with unarmed guards.

Guards play a number of roles, from giving directions to watching for theft. They’re more alert than average employees, and they notice things others don’t. Unarmed guards can be great for literally walking around the office, store, or building to show people that you have a security presence there. They can watch out for (and prevent) theft or vandalism. If a kid is getting ready to spray paint a wall with graffiti an unarmed guard can tell him or her to go away and they will. People don’t have to know whether or not the guard is armed– just the fact that a uniformed security guard is in their presence communicates to them that they’re being watched.

People want to feel safe. Even though some people don’t like being watched, society today has pretty much accepted the fact that we live in a time when cameras are everywhere and so we’re all being watched in public places. Having a human, on-the-ground unarmed guard is another way to watch people in order to keep the peace. A camera can’t talk to an unstable person and try to calm them down, whereas a guard can. Furthermore, an unarmed guard can always call the police if the need arises.

C.O.P. Security’s unarmed guards help maintain order wherever they are, and they’re good at conflict resolution, too. They can conduct security searches if needed and monitor building or event access points, assisting customers or employees where needed.

Call C.O.P. Security at 585-750-5608 to discuss your unarmed security guard needs.


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