Here’s How Smart Security Guards Prepare for Overnight Shifts

Overnight Security GuardsWhile most of the world is sleeping at night, some security guards are wide awake, protecting people and property “in the middle of the night.” Often called the “graveyard shift,” overnights can be a bit tough on anybody since bodies tend to want to fall asleep when it’s dark outside. That said, how can security guards prepare for overnight shifts?

Nutrition and Exercise

First, it’s a good idea to care about your body and mind such that you’re “eating right” and exercising on a regular basis. Since your body might not want to stay up all night, it’s best to not stress it out by being out of shape and filled with nothing but sugar and caffeine. While things like “Red Bull” might give you a  temporary energy boost, there’s an inevitable crash after the energy effect wears off. So, it’s best to eat healthy– fruits, veggies, protein, plenty of water– and to exercise a couple times a week so your blood flows better. By eating properly and being in shape, a body can handle less hours of sleep.

Proper Routine

Next, if you know you’re going to be doing an overnighter, don’t just let that shift be the first time you’re staying up late. Instead, stay up late a couple nights before and sleep through the day in order to get your body used to the new schedule.

Pace Yourself

Once you’re up in the wee small hours of the morning, drink plenty of water and eat small, healthy snacks every couple hours to keep you going… and while you’re probably tempted to fuel up with some sort of caffeinated drink, avoid it toward the end of your shift or else you’ll have a hard time going to sleep when you get home.

After a night shift you will probably be tired. Therefore, on your way home from work you might need to pull over somewhere safe and go for a quick walk to re-energize yourself for the ride home.

Comfortable Sleep Environment

Once you’re back at home, and daylight fills the room, it might be hard to fall asleep. So, it’s a good idea to use blackout shades to make your bedroom dark.


Finally, for security guards who handle overnight shifts, it helps to build relationships with others who are awake at the same time– people to communicate with during late hours. Stay active and have a little fun to break the monotony. Guards with assigned tasks during overnight shifts stay awake more than ones who are just asked to sit and watch areas.

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