How Security Guards Stay Safe in the Field

Security Guard Holding Up Hand to Prevent Trespassers

Security guards have a job that puts them at personal risk while doing their duties. How do security guards stay safe in the field?

Who watches the watchers? Criminals and people up to no good are often on the lookout for anyone who wants to thwart their plans. Therefore, security guards have to outsmart them. They can vary their routes so they’re not predictable.

For instance, if criminals always know when and where guards are, they know exactly where to attack them. But if guards vary their routes and such (including arrival/departure times), that throws bad guys off, and that’s a good thing. Smart guards are intimately familiar with their working environment(s), knowing where stairwells, doors and exits are.

What about protective clothing and equipment? Maybe guards wear bulletproof vests. Maybe they carry weapons on their person. And, since they have to be active at certain times, it’s important that their clothing doesn’t restrict movement. Good footwear is key, too. Guards can utilize security equipment to help stay safe in the field. Equipment might include mobile phones, radios, CCTV, and/or alarm systems.

Security guards should know their limits. They should be trained to handle several situations, and if there’s a need for back-up or police officers, guards should know how and when to call for help. Safety tools in place might include panic buttons and notifications, especially for workers who work alone– that way, they can “check in” with someone else if they desperately need help for whatever reason.

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