Is It Better To Hire Armed Security Guards Or Unarmed Ones?

Security Guard With Gun

So you’ve been thinking about hiring a security guard or team of guards for your business in Western New York. Do you need armed guards or unarmed guards?

The Times for Armed Guards

Armed guards carry firearms at all times and can use them when needed. After all, they’ve been trained and licensed to use their firearms. Notably, depending on your needs, you can have armed guards openly carrying their firearm to serve as an extra deterrent, or they can carry concealed if you want to avoid alarming your patrons.

With that in mind, when might a business want armed guards on their property?

Generally, if a place is known to be in a high-crime area– known for violence, fights and problems, then it makes sense to hire armed guards. Also, if money or valuables need protection, armed guards are a must!

Thieves love to try and steal expensive jewelry and artwork, as well as cash. It’s no wonder, then, that jewelry stores, art galleries and banks generally hire armed guards.

The Times for Unarmed Guards

What about unarmed guards? This is the right choice for the majority of businesses. Unarmed guards will save you money because they don’t make as much money as armed guards and aren’t as expensive to insure.

Since unarmed guards will not potentially have to use a firearm on your property (and cause injury or death), you don’t need to worry about being financially responsible for such a debacle. Unarmed guards generally receive training on how to deter criminals in non-lethal ways. Furthermore, they act as the connection between your business and the police. Unarmed guards can get in touch with law enforcement officers quickly when they need to!

Still not sure if you want to hire armed or unarmed security guards? That’s fine– call C.O.P. Security and discuss your specific needs and concerns with us. Our number is 585-750-5608 and we serve parts of Western and Central New York State. In business since 1987, C.O.P. Security is ready to help you figure out whether or not you should hire armed (or unarmed) guards.

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