Obtain These Answers Before Hiring a Security Guard

Security Guard Service There are stories of homeowner associations and other groups hiring security guard company to patrol the grounds because they were worried about teenagers vandalizing their gazebo and playgrounds. Things didn’t go well when problems happened but the guard was nowhere to be found– what was he doing? Where was he? Why didn’t he check that area like he was supposed to? These groups quickly found out the guard wasn’t doing his job well, and they needed to hire a different, more effective “on the ball” company whom they could trust.

Should you ever be in the position of hiring a security guard from a security guard company like C.O.P., there are some very good questions you should ask before signing on the dotted line.

Things to Find Out About a Security Guard Service

First, ask if the company is licensed with New York State in the Department of State, Division of Licensing. If they are, that means their guards have had background criminal checks. It also means their guards are screened and documented during the recruiting process.

Next, ask what kind of training their guards have done. Have they been trained to handle situations that might arise on your property or at your event? Do they know how to use weapons? How are their people skills– have they been trained on how to interact with the public in a proper way? How much of their training has been classroom versus “in the field/on the job?”

Also, ask if the company monitors their guards. This is really important. Guards shouldn’t just be able to go rogue, doing what they want when they want, answering to no one. Guards should have some supervision and keep track of their whereabouts and daily duties. Does the security guard company employ GPS tracking in order to monitor guards on duty? Do they communicate via phone, computer, or other ways?

Another good question to ask is this: “How long have you been in business?” Obviously, it’s nice to work with companies that have been around a while, since they know the area and its people better than newbies do.

Finally, inquire whether or not the guards provided are armed or unarmed.

Want to ask C.O.P. Security these questions and more? Call 585-750-5608.

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