Reasons to Invest in Security Services During the Pandemic

Turn on the news and you’ll probably want to turn it off. Lately, it has just been bad news, all day every day, it seems. Of course there’s the coronavirus pandemic, which has plagued America (and the world) for much of 2020. It has caused people to not be in their right minds. You probably know some people who barely leave their house ; well, they do not want to get sick and you can’t blame them. Covid-19 has the potential to to be fatal.

Security Guards

Meanwhile, if you watch the news you’ll notice civil unrest in places like Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Louisville and Rochester, among other cities. People are taking to the streets and rioting and looting. It’s a scary time to be alive in many places– even places where people previously felt “safe.”

During this pandemic era, you should invest in security services. Now, more than ever, businesses and organizations need to be on guard because society has undergone such massive changes in a short period of time. What used to be good is bad and what used to be bad is good. And “the rules” change almost daily. People are confused, fatigued, out of work, depressed, angry and a whole host of negative emotions… And they’re restless. That’s exactly why you need to think about investing in security services if you care about your business, organization, place and people.

Do you want your place to be robbed or looted? Do you want it burned down? No. Therefore you need vigilant security that keeps watch on what you own at all times. And if people are involved– and they usually are– you’ll want them to feel as safe and guarded as possible, especially during a time where people are wearing masks and acting out of sorts, for better or worse.

Do you need security guards who are sensitive to handling people, things and situations during a pandemic? Call C.O.P. Security at 585-750-5608 or email C.O.P. Security offers foot patrols, vehicle patrols, armed/unarmed guards and/or special event security services.

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