Safety Precautions That Security Guards Take

Security Precautions Ever wonder what fills the mind of a security guard on duty? He or she has to take precautions for their own safety! You can learn from them when you discover what some of the things they do to stay safe include…

Plan to Be One Step Ahead

For starters, smart security guards are always planning ahead. That means their mind goes to the worst-case scenario, just in case. When a guard enters a room or gathering area, he or she takes note of all entrances and exits, with an emphasis on the exits. Guards also do their homework, learning about the layout of a place before they guard it. The more informed about “what is where,” the better.

Know the Layout

Guards familiarize themselves with their surroundings, always on the lookout for things that seem out of place or out of the ordinary. These can be obstructions or safety hazards for example. They also notice where stairways are located, as well as doors and exits. Walking a patrol route is a main way guards see and note “what’s going on.”

Bring the Right Equipment

You might not know it but security guards often wear body armor to protect themselves from threats, which can include knives, spiked weapons and, of course, guns. Did you know there are different types of body armor available offering different types of protection? A guard remembers to wear his or her protective equipment/vest when needed.

Stay Ahead of Issues

Guards also need to make sure they’re not using faulty equipment. They might ask themselves, “Is my radio working correctly?” or “Does my protective vest have any holes in it?” If they’re using a vehicle to patrol an area, they ensure that it’s in good working order– fixing fluid leaks or inflating the tires to correct pressure, etc.– such that they’re never at a disadvantage should a problem arise and they need to be quick to react.

Finally, security guards have limits. If and when the situation could lead them to extreme danger, they don’t have to respond and be the hero. They can call for back-up/call the police for help.

A security guard’s brain is always “on,” and they need to use their brain wisely to make smart decisions on the job.

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