The Process of Security Guards Handling Emergency Situations

Security Guards Handling Emergency SituationsHow do security guards handle emergency situations? They’re expected to be physically and mentally “on the scene” where they should perform a variety of duties in order to manage the scene for safety’s sake. Guards are in charge of protecting people and property from harm as best as they can.

Identify the Problem

Guards need to be able to identify emergency situations which could include fire, bombs, weapons, suspicious packages and explosive devices. They have to assess what “could” happen, and then follow procedures taught to them during training in order to react properly to the situation at hand.

Know Their Role

Before a guard begins working on site, their employer or client should determine their role in potential emergency situations. They should be able to answer the question, “What is my role if this or that should happen?” That way, the employer/client and guard are on the same page.

Say, for example, an alarm sounds in the building where the guard works. Is his or her duty to call the client/police and wait for their response/arrival? Or are they supposed to investigate the cause of that alarm while securing the scene for safety’s sake? In certain cases, guards might need to activate a fire alarm and/or call the fire department. Meanwhile, they’re responsible for crowd control and/or evacuating the premises.

Ancillary Duties

Basically, security guards have many duties. They look for fire hazards and do their best to prevent fire from happening; if there is a fire, they’re the ones to respond to alarms and contact authorities, including dispatchers and supervisors. If and when a crime occurs, a guard should call police and have them handle it. Guards can also secure and protect a crime scene.

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