Things Security Guards Should Keep in Mind While On Foot Patrol

Security GuardsAs a security guard, your job is to keep the area you are protecting as safe as possible. This means that you should always be on high alert when you are on duty. It also means that you should patrol your area on a regular basis and in random intervals. This will ensure that the property you are patrolling is safe, regardless of whether you are in charge of guarding an event, a hotel, a construction site, or someplace else. Here are some other helpful tips you should keep in mind while on foot patrol.

Wear shoes that are comfortable.

Before you even set foot on the job site, you should make sure that you have a comfortable pair of shoes to wear while on patrol. You would be surprised by how many security guards don’t think about this at first and then find themselves searching for a place to sit when they’re supposed to be out walking around. Uncomfortable shoes can prevent you from doing your job to the best of your ability.

Make sure you’re carrying your defensive gear at all times.

Some security guards are allowed to carry guns. Others rely on Tasers. And many are only permitted to carry flashlights and walkie talkies while out on patrol. Regardless of what you’ve been told to carry, the key is to make sure you have it on you at all times when you are working. Even something as simple as a flashlight can help scare off criminals, so it’s important for you to have your defensive gear on you while you’re patrolling the premises.

Walk different routes when you are on patrol.

There are many security guards who will pick a route during their patrol and stick to it. They fall into the habit of walking this same route every day or night. And while this makes life easier on them, it also makes it easier for a criminal to pinpoint where a guard will be at a specific time. By switching up your route every time you walk it, you can make things more unpredictable and prevent a criminal from picking up on your habits.

The security guards that are employed by COP Security are highly skilled when it comes to providing protection. They are trained to protect properties, and they will leave you feeling safe at all times, regardless of what kind of property you operate. Call us at 585-750-5608 today to learn more about our foot patrol services.


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