As Outdoor Events Make Their Comeback, Remember to Hire Security Guards

security guard working at public event,

The coronavirus pandemic meant the cancellation of many events, including outdoor ones. That said, it looks like things are getting a bit back to normal such that more outdoor events will be scheduled and actually take place this year. What types of guards should you consider hiring for them?


If you’ve got someone famous at your event, consider hiring a bodyguard for that person. He or she offers specialized personal protection for famous people like celebrities and government officials.


What about the entrance/exit at your event? You should hire a gatekeeper who makes sure only intended people enter the premises. Concerts, for instance, usually have gatekeepers set up not only for the general public coming into and out of the venue, but also near the stage to further protect the talent from anyone and everyone just wandering around there.

Crowd Control

For outdoor events with a lot of attendees, and/or alcohol, it’s a good idea to have security guards who specialize in crowd control. They should be trained to control a crowd, and that should be their main task as they direct the flow of traffic and handle any situations that may occur.

Mobile Patrols

If you have an event that takes place over a large area of land, consider hiring mobile patrols who can utilize cars, bikes, golf carts or motorcycles to cover a large area, including places like campgrounds or parking lots.

Armed or Unarmed Security Guards

Finally, there’s the issue of whether or not your event should have armed guards. Certain crowds are rowdier than others. Hire armed guards if you think attendees might carry guns or knives on their person.

If you’re having an event in Western New York, including the cities of Rochester or Buffalo, talk with C.O.P. Security about your specific security needs. C.O.P. Security can supply trained and able-bodied security guards for your 2021 outdoor events. Call 585-750-5608 for more information.

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