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Here’s Why CEOs Should Consider Private Security

CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) are corporate managers who often head up/manage organizations. They’re usually regarded as very important people who make lots of money and steer organizations in the right, profitable direction. CEOs are often in the public eye, becoming public figures who are talked about, written about, seen on TV, etc. A lot of… Read more »

Here’s How Security Guards Can Help Businesses in the Hospitality Industry

Do you run a hospitality business in Western or Central New York, such as a hotel or restaurant? If so, you might want to hire security guards to help your business. Guards can keep watch on who’s coming and going from your hospitality business. How Security Guards Help in the Hospitality Industry Since the pandemic… Read more »

A National Rise In Shoplifting Has Increased the Need for Security Guards

Shoplifting has become a major national issue lately. Inflation has caused prices to rise and poorer people may not be able to afford everyday items, so they’re shoplifting them right out of stores all over the place. Even before inflation, right around the pandemic (2020, 2021) certain municipalities decided to not punish shoplifters, so it… Read more »

What Are the Advantages of Branded Patrol Security Services?

What are some benefits of hiring branded patrol security services? A branded company is quite visible to all– people who aren’t doing anything wrong as well as those who might want to cause trouble. Branded or marked vehicles make their presence known wherever they’re on patrol. Visibility When you want maximum visibility, hire a branded… Read more »

What is a Commercial Security Audit?

Do you work in a commercial setting where business is conducted? Commercial properties are prone to things like thefts, vandalism and crime. When’s the last time you did a security audit? A professional (or team of professionals) can assess how your current security measures are doing, and whether any changes need to be made in… Read more »